Madison Expungement Lawyer

If you’ve been convicted of a crime, you will appreciate that having to disclose a past conviction on a job application makes it much less likely that you will be hired.  Fortunately, in Wisconsin, the state legislature has recognized that for many minor crimes, a conviction should not be a lifelong detriment to getting a job.

As a result, Wisconsin law offers what is known as “expungement” for certain types of convictions, primarily those that are misdemeanors.  Expungement generally means that for most purposes, records relating to a conviction are no longer made available for public review.

Additionally, if your conviction is expunged, you are allowed to state on a job application that you have never been convicted of a crime if your record has been expunged (or sealed).  Clearly being able to answer “no” to a question about a previous conviction will be helpful in securing a new job.

Are You Eligible for Expungement?

I help clients seeking to have prior convictions expunged, where possible.  To find out whether you may be eligible for expungement, please call me so that I may learn about the details of your previous conviction.