Madison Legal Fees – What You Should Know

I know you’re concerned about legal fees and costs.  You should never hesitate to ask me any questions that you might have about the fees or costs for your matter.

Our Retention Letter Agreement

At the outset of your matter, I will go over with you the terms of our engagement, including how fees will be billed for your matter, and the costs for which you will be responsible.

In most personal injury and wrongful death cases, representation will be on a contingency fee basis.  This means that I will only be entitled to a fee if a recovery is made.  I will also explain how costs are to be paid (generally my firm advances costs on behalf of clients).

In some matters (typically criminal defense matters), legal services usually are provided on a fixed fee for the scope of the agreed-upon representation, and costs are an additional expense.  In other matters, the legal fee may be billed based upon on an hourly rate.

I accept credit cards payments.  In some (but not all) cases, payment plans may be offered.

Our retention letter agreement for your matter will solely govern our representation, and it may have different or additional terms than those noted above.  You should never hesitate to ask me about any questions that you might have about costs, fees, or any other representation aspect.