Madison Drug Possession Lawyer

Have you, your son or daughter, or another loved one been charged with drug possession?  If so, it will be in your (or their) best interest to retain a Wisconsin drug possession lawyer as soon as possible.

In Wisconsin, prosecutors often want to be seen as being “tough on drug crimes.”  As a result, they may have a special incentive to seek conviction, particularly if large amounts of dangerous drugs are involved.

I oppose these conviction efforts.

In some cases, evidence (including the drugs themselves) will have been obtained from an illegal search and seizure.  In other cases, the rights of a defendant may have been violated.  These facts may lead to a dismissal of a case.

Potential Punishment for Drug Possession in Wisconsin

Wisconsin law provides for different maximum punishments for drug possession, which vary based upon they type of drug and whether the person has previously been convicted of a drug offense.  Maximum incarceration for most offenses usually ranges from up to 30 days in jail to up to six years in prison.

In many situations, those charged with an offense for the first time may be eligible for diversion programs and probation, which may allow for a “conditional discharge” such that the original charge may be dismissed upon successful completion.  As your attorney, I can advise you as to whether this may be a good option for your case.

For Parents of those Charged with a Drug Crime

We all make mistakes, especially in our younger years.  If your son or daughter has been charged with drug possession or another crime, please call me as soon as possible, particularly before paying a large bond.  If a client is still in jail, my first role will often be to seek a reduced bail (if a high bail has been set) to get a client out of jail.  Thereafter, my role is to develop a strategy with my client in seeking the best outcome possible given the facts and circumstances of the case.

I advocate forcefully on behalf of clients.  I do not judge clients, but seek instead the best outcome possible.

I offer affordable fees, and fixed-fee representation for most cases.  I accept credit cards, and, in some cases, will additionally accept payment plans.

I would look forward to learning about your case, or the case of your son or daughter.