Madison Dog Bite Lawyer for Animal Injuries

Dogs and other animals injure and maim numerous people each year, often causing severe disfigurement, and in some cases, death.  I believe firmly that the owners of vicious dogs and other animals causing harm should be held fully accountable for the damages that their animals cause.

Wisconsin Dog Bite Law – There is No “One Free Bite”

In Wisconsin, dog owners are typically liable for all injuries caused by their dogs, whether to people or other animals.  Additionally, if the owner knew about the dog previously injuring other people or animals, the dog owner will be liable for twice the amount of the injuries caused.  Further, the dog owner may be liable for statutory fines and penalties.

The Propensities of Vicious Dogs are Often Well-Known

Frequently, dangerous dogs are well known in the neighborhoods in which they are kept.  Often, the dogs can be seen barking non-stop, straining to get free of a leash, door, or fence behind which they are confined.  When these dogs do break free, they will often attack the first person they can.

Tragically, a disproportionately high number of dog attacks involve infants and young children, as well as the elderly and others who are not able to defend themselves.  Dogs will often go after the faces of those they attack.  As a result, young children and others who are defenseless often suffer significant disfigurement, which can result in painful injuries and scars that will last a lifetime.

Damages for Dog and Animal Attacks

Damages for dog an animal attacks will include expenses such as medical treatment, lost time from work, and other “direct” expenses.  Additionally, attack victims are entitled to pain and suffering in an amount determined by a jury to be fair.

When dogs attack infants and young children, significant surgery may be required, especially for facial injuries.  In some cases, multiple surgeries may be necessary.  Despite such efforts, infants and young children may face a lifetime with facial scars, as well as emotional trauma from the attack itself.

In representing the victim of a dog attack, I will want to show a jury the full impact that a dog attack has caused, so that they can properly determine damages.

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