Madison Adoption Lawyer | Inter-Family Adoptions

One of the most satisfying parts of my practice is helping families with adoption.  As a lawyer, I help clients in both inter-family adoptions, and adoptions where there is no biological relationship between the adoptive parents and children.

Interfamily Adoptions

Interfamily adoptions can arise under a number of circumstances in which a natural parent is no longer able to care for a child; often as the result of:

  • Drug abuse and addiction
  • Medical problems, including psychological issues
  • Death
  • Incarceration
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Other conditions that pose an immediate threat to the welfare of a child.

In these instances, I can help those willing to become adoptive parents (often a grandparent, uncle, or aunt of the children to be adopted) seek full adoption rights.  Even if the children are already being cared for, adoption offers finality with respect to the legal rights for the adoptive parent over the children, and terminates any rights that a biological parent may have.  As the result of such adoption, the newly-adoptive parent(s) will be able to exercise all legal rights without fear that the biological parent will one day take the children away.

Traditional Adoptions

I also help parents in all aspects of “traditional” adoptions (one in which the adoptive parents and the children to be adopted have no pre-existing family relationship).  These adoption matters include both adoptions from within the United States, as well as adoptions from outside the US in which additional aspects, such as citizenship matters, will be involved.

Every Adoption is Unique

In some adoptions, the biological and adoptive parents may wish to have some form of ongoing relationship between the biological parents and the child(ren), while in other situations, the biological parents may want complete anonymity.  Regardless of any special circumstances in your case, I can help.

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I provide affordable fees, and will work with in conjunction with any agency with whom you may already be working for your adoption.